Let students samplicate your goods and services and start building the future customer base today.

Showcase Your Products

There are hundreds of thousands of products fighting for consumer awareness; in newspapers, on TV, on blogs, in social media. Every second, minute, hour, day, week and so on. With a sampling campaign, you get the opportunity to awaken students curiosity by offering free samples to future customers. Even better, you build goodwill with a target group that has a poor economy for the student but whose situation will improve significantly when they get into the labor market and earn an income.

Studentmedia Success During Sample Weeks!

During two weeks, Studentmedia, together with Unilever, Midsona and People's Choice, succeeded in a mini-tour to seven of the country's largest universities. 160,000 students later we knew that only rain can stop us. On the other hand, we were there in the sunshine during the students' morning rush and at their lunch break with sampling bags that made their eyes glisten at the sight of the content. Studentmedia has a difficult task, namely reaching one of the most heterogeneous target groups. Students are spread not only in age but also in interests. But what they have in common is a strong confidence in the future, fighting joy and a desire to develop. Together with brands, we are there for students with our different products, beginning with when they choose education until they take their first step in the labor market. We are proud of that.

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