Communicate with Sweden's future

Studentmedia provides marketing services that help educators and companies reach students and talents between the ages of 15-35 years - that is, Sweden's future!

A niche media house

Everything began with a magazine. The year was 1989 and the magazine was called Studentmagasinet. Over the years, organizations have collapsed and digital services have taken an increasing part. Today, Studentmedia is a niche media house that provides media on the Internet and in print for a few very specific audiences: students and graduates. With some of Sweden's leading media in the form of newspapers, online magazines and search services, we are the obvious choice for companies, trainers and other organizations who want to reach their future.

Digital and Print

Through a combination of digital media and magazines, we have become one of the top experts in marketing towards students and graduates. Every month, we reach approximately 450,000 people in this target group. As a customer, you have a wide variety of choices. for example display ads, sampling, match emails, or mobile ad solutions - either in campaign form or throughout the year. We tailor a solution to your specific needs and wishes.

Our services

Here are some of our most popular and effective marketing services.


Get more reach or build brand using display ads. Our display options give you the opportunity to target your message demographically or towards a target audience with a certain interest.


Find students, talents and consumers using targeted mailboxes. The mailing goes to people who registered interest for what you offer. Combine mailed with a Facebook campaign for maximum spread.


Give future students and talents an insight into how it is to study or work with you. Tell us about the benefits of studying in your city, your educators experience, local entertainment or future opportunities in the organization.


Build a future customer base by allowing students and graduates to try your goods and services. You can also use sampling to create goodwill or to test new products.

Sponsored articles

Sponsored items are one of our fastest growing native solutions. Let the written word market be for a long time to come and increase the conversion by using texts that attract the audience.

Text ad

Present your programs, courses, internship or trainee programs through text, video, infographics and much more. Answer common questions and achieve long-term exposure to students and graduates.

In good company

From world-renowned universities to Fortune 500 companies and down to smaller companies and trainers below is a selection of our customers.


Are you there?

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